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Ice Cream

Ice Cream | Fat Boy's Pizza & Ice Cream - Bellefontaine, OH

We love ice cream so much that we just had to put it in our title and we are proud of the ice cream we serve because it is made locally.

It doesn’t get any better than the ice cream we serve here at Fat Boy’s Pizza & Ice Cream because it is always of the freshest quality. Our ice cream doesn’t travel hundreds of miles in trucks before it gets to your family’s table. That’s why our ice cream tastes the best. Thought ice cream was just for kids? One spoonful of our ice cream and even the adults in your family will be hooked.

The following are some of the many flavors of delicious ice cream we have to choose from:

• Chocolate
• French Vanilla
• S'mores
• Cookies and Cream
• Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
• Superman
• Cherry Cordial
• Peanut Butter Cup
• Mint Chocolate Chip
• Butter Pecan
• Various Seasonal Offerings when Available

A great big bowl of ice cream is the perfect way to top off the perfect meal and our ice cream pleases every time. At Fat Boy’s Pizza & Ice Cream, we offer complete meals that the whole family will enjoy. From salads, to pizza, to subs, and ice cream, we only serve the best quality foods to our valued customers here in Bellefontaine, OH. The next time you and your family wants a great meal from start to finish, we hope you will come to Fat Boy’s Pizza & Ice Cream. Call or come in today!

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